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Why I need to lose weight

Chipotle Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Burrito

Amount Per Serving
Calories 1137
Calories from Fat 409
Total Fat 46g
  Saturated Fat 13g
Cholesterol 96mg
Sodium 4263mg
Total Carbohydrate 129g
  Dietary Fiber 7g
  Sugars 10g
Protein 54g
Vitamin A 118%
Vitamin C 140%
Calcium 47%
Iron 32%

That's for a carnitas fajita burrito, without any sour cream or guacamole.

At least they won't be owned by McDonald's for much longer...

Panda Go Panda!

For those who question why we plan on having a baby panda: What's cuter than this? And isn't maximizing cuteness what child rearing is all about?

On a related note, I recently stumbled across Panda Kopanda. It raises some troubling genealogical issues (an orphaned girl acts as a baby panda's mother, and when the panda's father shows up she acts as the father's daughter), but it's cute as hell.

A tasty melange

I continue to take the easy way out and add things to and Flickr rather than blogging. But faced with the task of writing yearly performance reviews for 14 coworkers and managers and my self, blogging amounts to procrastination. And I am all about procrastination.

A week ago Thursday, Alice, Adam, Sheryl and I braved the wilds of mid-Jersey, replete with trashmonkeys (Adam's term; I assume he's "taking it back"), to see Ryan Adams at the Starland Ballroom. It was an incredibly good show for a hardcore Ryan Adams fan. Heavy on Cold Roses (which was exactly what I wanted it to be), with some older stuff thrown in as well. The highlight for me was a fully electric version of "I See Monsters" off of Love is Hell, which took a so-so acoustic song and made it rock. I've looked around for a live version of it, and while I found that has a large collection of Ryan Adams concerts, none of the "I See Monsters" posted are electric.…

Movies, a Book, and Cillian Murphy

34 has been jet setting all over New York for the past three weekends–"the Hamps," upsate in lovely Ancram (where I kept thinking, "Maaaan, I could so live in the country... I really could grow vegetables and eat creamery ice cream and hit up crafts fairs and read books in fields and go for runs through forests and deer and never look back to city fanciness, I could, I could!), and this weekend in Sea Gate. So that's the excuse for hardly ever posting. Here are some things we've done:

I've been way excited about The Devil Wears Prada for a while now, and kept asking Jeff, "So you don't want to see it, right," kinda hoping he'd say yes. He didn't. But then Sarah suggested it as our Friday night activity when we arrived upstate. Hooray! 2 to 1, we win! It was what I expected: delicious movie candy. Meryl Streep blah blah is as good as everyone and their mother has been saying, and I think I have a girlcrush on Anne Hathaway. The plot and a…

Jeff'y for Jeff'ys

Jews for Jesus (or, as they're sometimes-rebranded, Jesus for Jews), is doing a fairly big subway advertising push this summer. Which, good for them, I guess.

A lot more entertaining than the subway posters are the pamphlets that they're distributing, PDF versions of which are available online. The Steve Jobs (!?!) pamphlet contains the following gem about the Fall of Man: humanity lost something that no GPS system will ever locate.

Megnuts: Is there anything they can't do?

Updating my earlier post about food blogs, megnut is another recent addition to my RSS reader. Eschewing recipes and restaurant reviews, it's an amalgam of links to interesting foodie articles and original content.

Some recentposts about lobsters and skewed priorities when it comes to animal cruelty hit home given this past weekend's culinary experience.

Blogging 2.0

While it's true that neither Sheryl nor I have blogged in a bit, we have been busy doing all sorts of Web 2.0 gimmicky things like posting to Flickr and

My stuff is available in 34's sidebar, over to the right. Only the pictures I take with my crappy-ass Sidekick 2 camera (now that the Sidekick 3 is out I can be honest) make it to the Flickr badge on the right below the links, so to see the good stuff you should visit my Flickr photostream and/or subscribe to the stream's RSS feed.

As you might gather from the two Hamptonsphotosets and the fireworks one, we had a nice long holiday weekend.