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MLK, Jr. Wedding Weekends FTW

It looks like Sheryl and I will be spending our first wedding anniversary attending the Wagner-McCoy-Ghan wedding-cum-hyphenation-fest. Congratulations, kids!

Did I mentioned that Ryan lived with me for a few weeks at the start of Senior (his Junior) year?

Rachel Nichols sunk my dinghy

Why is that girl I sat next to (well, with my eyes) in Economics classes on television all the time? It seems Rachel Nichols is starring in the new movie, P2.

As far as I can tell from the title and from watching the commercials fly by on my DVR, the movie is about Ms. Nichols playing Battleship against various foes (in a parking lot, maybe?). Which, given that she took a class on Game Theory from an Ivy League institution, my money's on the blonde.

Separate vocations

My lovely wife (sic, dude) Sheryl is now a lovely food blogger person. Soup and Bread, so named because you can dip bread into soup, is a great way for me to remember all the stuff that I ate, and a great way for you to read about all the stuff that I ate.

I'll likely be posting any future cooking entries there as well, but Sheryl clearly has the talent in the family.