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How to keep up on things

Maybe you like arts and crafts and films and such, but aren't so good at keeping on top of what's new. The Times has a thorough movie review section on Fridays, but what about new music, or new books, or new Wii games? (I'm all about Cooking Mama: Cook Off.) Reading one paper's coverage isn't going to let you know about everything new.

What we need is... meta-coverage. And when you need meta-coverage, there's Metacritic. I've found it seriously useful to add the individual RSS feeds for their Film, Music, and Wii sections, and depending on your tastes other sections are probably of interest as well. I don't care so much about the actual review aggregation and scoring aspect of the site, but getting release information delivered to my RSS reader is great.


So there's nothing like blogging about not blogging, but we obviously haven't really been blogging. I finally have something I'm proud to blame it on, though (World of Warcraft never being a source of pride for me): Sheryl got me a Wii for my birthday. It came a bit late after some eBay shipping mishaps, but it's here now and we're loving it. The extra remote and Zelda that I ordered can't get here fast enough, but in the meantime taking turns at Wii Sports is a great way to kill the evening.

Look for a Wii-party in the 'hood when we get ourselves organized!

...and sometimes, well, he studies you.

Okay, you know what? I'd probably link to this article on duck phalluses on the basis of the text alone. But my goodness, look at the lead picture! And the caption!