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A guide to recognizing your Robert Downey Jr. movies

The last two movies I've seen are A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (via Netflix) and Zodiac. Well, I watched about 34% of Dave Chapelle's Block Party, but I've already seen that and it was mainly an excuse to play around with my new AppleTV (which was a great purchase). But I pretty much saw those two movies back to back.

You can't call either a "Robert Downey Jr. movie" unless you're grasping at (cocaine-laced?) straws for a clever blog title. Downey Jr. plays the grown-up protagonist of Saints, appearing in about a third of the movie, and a crime reporter who is in... well, what percentage of seventeen hours is fourty minutes? He's in some portion of Zodiac.

I thought Saints was extremely well done. Some of the scenes that take place during the Downey Jr. character's youth in Astoria, Queens have the intensity of Spike Lee at his prime; other flash backs are more reflective and do an effective job of explaining how the Downey Jr. character got t…

Additional addendum

As an addendum to the previous post, if you're not sure whether Easter Peeps are kosher for Passover, you're not religious enough that it matters.

Observance observation

If you're not sure whether you're a Sephardic or Ashkenazi Jew, then you're not religious enough for it to matter whether you eat egg matzah, corn, rice, etc. on Passover.

I'm not sure how high this page needs to get in the Google rankings before it becomes official halachic opinion.