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I need a Weddings section...

Well, let me be the first to blog congratulations to Scott and Rachel Meltzer-Fleishman. I can only assume that this is the forum in which they'd like their joy announced to the world.
I should have the whole best man speech thing down by next summer.

The pressure's On

I should standardise on some sort of consistent capitalization policy for each entry's title. I've nothing else to do but think about that at 12:49am on a Sunday morning. Read into that what you will.
At least I'm remembering to use British spellings for no discernable reason.

I'm watching too much television...

The Saturn car commercial with the people running around without cars is my new favourite advert. Mainly because people should run around instead of driving cars.

En Mis Sueños

As far as I can remember, I was speaking Spanish in my dreams last night. I'm quite proud of myself as my grammar and word choice seemed pretty good, by my standards. I was asking a dance instructor some question, and she responded in Japanese, and somehow we realized that Spanish was a common language, so we reverted to that.
I'd be a little puzzled about what the dream meant were it not for the fact that I watched Habla con Ella last
week on DVD. Habla con Ella being a wonderful movie, by the way, and I highly recommend seeing it. As soon as I get
my own place (yeah, I know) I'm going to start up movie nights again.

Who Needs Two for Conan?

Well, I have an email which, if printed out and brought to the Beacon Theater on September 12th, will secure two people potential spots in the audience for Conan O'Brien's 10th Anniversary Special. In that they get to stand in line, and if they start standing in line early enough in the day (they suggest 3pm), then they'll get to sit and watch the show.
I have a faxload of work to do on September 12 (a Friday), so I won't be going. To reward the loyal readers of my blog
(all __ of you), I'll give the "tickets" to the first person who posts a comment..
Starting... now!

California's got it good (part 2)

As luck would have it, I happened upon this page with pictures from a 20x20 In-n-Out expedition. I never made it past two double-doubles. That's something, though.

California's got it good

Taking a break from Infinite Jest (page 580ish, Scott), I read the New Yorker on the subway today, which
incidentally is a lot friendlier to carry around. I made it about halfway through the "City of Water" article (which isn't
on their website, but there's some relevant info on's water
supply site
), and that was was enough to convey the impression that we're totally fucked when it comes to our water
supply. Bloomberg and Koch are quoted as saying as much.
The existing two tunnels carrying water to the city have never been and can not be repaired, and are each going on 100 years old. The only hope seems to be Tunnel 3, which was started a few decades ago and which is progressing at a pace of a couple of blocks per year.
Since I kind of like having running water, I find this news unnerving. Ryan, if we ever needed your water-nerd powers to assure us that everything is going to work out fine, it's now.


Well, my blog is back post-blackout, though I wasn't able to figure out what the deal was with the server in the Spec office that was hosting it originally. It seems to have gone away, like, not being present in any physical sense in the office anymore, which is an odd side effect of a blackout, but whatever.
Josh has been good enough to host 34 (which is my blog's name, you know) for the time being. And it turns out backing shit up, even if it's only done once a month, isn't that bad an idea.
So that's what's up with my blog.