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Oh, hi.

For a blog that stretches back to 2003, 34 hasn't had too many content-free "sorry for the lack of blogging" meta posts (as much as I admire things that are content-free and meta). And maybe this won't be that sort of post (though it pretty much is).

I haven't been blogging here because, well, I've been sharing with the masses in other ways. There's Twitter, of course, which certainly is a convenient way of sharing random thoughts that, back in the day, might have been blog├ęd. So I'm not going to use 34 to say anything that would be more effective in 140 characters. There are a bunch of ways to share links, and I guess I've settled on Google Reader for the time being (though at the moment it's not behaving like it should, so scratch that). And in any case, part of my job description includes blogging, and when there's a backlog of posts you need to write for work, it's hard to get motivated to blog when you're not being paid.