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They still feed me, though...

On top of having serious problems with the Blogger CAPTCHAs, I've found that the automatic paper towel dispenser in the bathroom at work fails to register when I wave my hands in front of it. Google really doesn't think I'm a human being.

All Women Love...

Julianne Moore
Maria Bello
Jenna Fischer
Liv Tyler (I'm not sure about how universal this is, but Sheryl loves her)
Jennifer Connelly

All women hate Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Am I missing anyone?

The trouble with patents

Many bits have been spilled expounding on the troubles with America's patent system. The bulk of the criticism centers around the granting of overly broad patents for less-than-novel ideas, and the existence of "patent trolls"–organizations that hold a portfolio of patents for the express purpose of suing successful companies.

Here is my contribution to the debate over patent reform: why on earth do illustrations patent applications consist of black and white clip art from the '70s? Are we supposed to be excited about the technology behind GPay on a potential GPhone (which, I definitely don't have any inside information about) when the patent application was designed in ClarisWorks? Even Apple's patent applications look shitty. For reals, guys.