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2008 Movie Roundup (with spoilers!)

Here's list of all movies released in 2008, objectively ranked from best to worst. If your movie didn't make the list, either I didn't see it or something went terribly wrong.
Milk (Spoiler alert: Use by March 4th. lolz!)
Rachel Getting Married (Spoiler alert: The bride is having an affair with Don Draper! wtf‽)
WALL-E (Spoiler alert: The portrayal of 22nd Century Earth's decay is probably overly optimistic. lolz!)
Synecdoche, New York (Spoiler alert: Everyone dies eventually. lolz!)
Religulous (Spoiler alert: Most religious claims are without a sound basis in reality. wtf‽)Tell No One (Spolier alert:                                                                                lolz!)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Spoiler alert: Woody Allen is going to keep putting Scarlett Johansson in movies until he can get her to take her top off. lolz!)
Doubt (Spoiler alert: Life contains ambiguity. wtf‽)
The Dark Knight (Spoiler alert: There's going to be another sequel. lolz!)