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Wedding 2.0

The domain I registered a while back with Google Apps for Your Domain came with some free web space. Unfortunately, you have to use Google's Page Creator interface to create the site (though there is some HTML editing if you fight a bit).

I put up a little wedding page there, with information about our registry (hint: Adam took all our plates when he moved out, and we're getting desperate) and the date and location.

Times scientific quote of this time period

From this article on facial recognition:
"The first day we put the electrode in, it was shocking," Dr. Tsao said.

My mother's brain is fortunately behaving quite nicely, after a week in the hospital following a stroke. Unlike the patients mentioned in the article, she has no trouble recognizing faces, or talking or walking or doing just about everything. She should be leaving the hospital tomorrow. We're all terribly thankful and appreciate everyone's support during the past week.