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Times facts

Did you know that you can use ginormous in a Times article? It's a fact.

When you double-click on a word in a Times article, a new window opens with the dictionary definition of the word, which is never something I expect and annoys me every time. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to see what happens when you double click on ginormous.

It also seems that you can revise articles without running corrections or editors notes at the Times, too.

Can too much Vincent D'Onofrio be a bad thing?

Why oh why hasn’t any rapper yet sampled the Law and Order theme song? Think about how perfect it would be:

boom BOOM—doo doo doo doo dooooo
(rap rap rap rap)
boom BOOM—doo doo doo doo
doooooo (rap rap rap)
doooooo (rap rap rap)
Wah wah wah wahhhh...
boom BOOM—doo doo doo doo doooo
(rap rap rap)

You get the idea, right? Isn't it PERFECT?

I just don't give a fuck whom she marries

Prof. Bruce King, by way of Mark Twain, by way of LEGOs.

Oggle my LEGO

I was big into LEGO (is that how we're capitalizing it? OKAY!) from an early age. Nothing too elaborate, and while I did grow up to be some sort of engineer, sort of, I doubt that those blocks had anything to do with it. Maybe if we had Mindstorms back in the day that would have been influential.

My favorite LEGO-related site is The Brothers Brick. It's mostly a site for hot LEGO brick-pics, but there are all sort of LEGO art, it seems.

I remember downloading LDraw and briefly giving it a play, but I'm not much for CAD programs, and isn't the point of LEGO the physical interaction with the bricks? I suppose it's useful for planning your construction ahead of time.

And then there's the new LEGO MMORPG, NetDevil. Will it supplant my WoWage? No.

And death i think has no RSS feed

My mother now has a blog, Alive & Kicking. With Judy Miller now biding her time in Aspen with Scooter (not Scotter) Libby, watching the pines grow, mom is now the most published Barnard '68 alumna.

Shelfari: 34% More Delicious

Delicious Library isn't particularly delicious and is definitely not (It's a virtual bookshelf for all your books, DVDs, CDs, etc., for the uninitiated.) When it came out a few years back it was heralded for its slick, albeit non-standard, interface and for the novel ability to import, well, novels, by scanning their barcodes using your Mac's camera. Flash forward to the present and it still looks pretty slick–Apple's taken some cues from their original interface and applied them to its own programs, which might make it standard but more likely makes Apple non-standard. Importing items via camera scanning is still pretty novel and still about twice as time consuming as just entering the UPC/ISBN by hand, given the amount of time it takes to line up a good picture. And Delicious Library remains a niche piece of eye candy because it never supported the next obvious step once you've inputted everything you own: sharing that information with your friends o…