Oggle my LEGO

I was big into LEGO (is that how we're capitalizing it? OKAY!) from an early age. Nothing too elaborate, and while I did grow up to be some sort of engineer, sort of, I doubt that those blocks had anything to do with it. Maybe if we had Mindstorms back in the day that would have been influential.

My favorite LEGO-related site is The Brothers Brick. It's mostly a site for hot LEGO brick-pics, but there are all sort of LEGO art, it seems.

I remember downloading LDraw and briefly giving it a play, but I'm not much for CAD programs, and isn't the point of LEGO the physical interaction with the bricks? I suppose it's useful for planning your construction ahead of time.

And then there's the new LEGO MMORPG, NetDevil. Will it supplant my WoWage? No.


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