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Putting my $800 camera to good use

If you don't subscribe to my Flickr feed you're really missing out.

Well, maybe, if it was in the Ethicist

Is there any chance that I'd pass up on blogging about a Timessea cow article? No.

In other news, my season one DVD of Dr. Katz arrived. Unfortunately, UPS bent it like Zidane, in that the packaging appeared to be headbutted repeatedly. But then the replacement DVD arrived, and things were good. Now if I can just get Sheryl to stay awake through an entire episode...

I am to be pioneering, ja?

Back in my day, cereal-related art was mad nascent. Now it's mad burgeoning.


I haven't done anything with the Scaffoldings site recently, but this might be worth going to Manhattan and photographing.

Why? Because I love you.

Holiday Inn: Manhattan South

I'm not the only one.

Times awkward math analogies of this time period

How are the Rangers doing this year?

I'm not really one for gambling, even when it's on something like whether North Korea is going to launch missles, but following sports via charts is infinitely more efficient.

Meta poetry

A rhyming couplet that neither rhymes nor couples:
What could be more perverse?

I wanna say somethin' to the sea pig...

Yeah right, sea cow!

Why on earth won't they release Dr. Katz on DVD?

Edit: Turns out that they've released the first six episodes! Hopefully there are more to come.

They shoot bananas, don't they?

Two banana tidbits (not to be confused with bananatidbits) to report today:

Bananas are becoming much more functional.
Bananas are becoming much more extinct.

As a special bonus, this is what bananas look like.


The Timesdiscovers HDR image processing, a few months late.

Will's got a whole set of HDR pics up on Flickr. I've got to get off my ass and start putting my digial SLR to work.

That which is trailed

Here are links to trailers of movies I'd like to see, in approximate descending order of how much I'd like to see them:

The Science of Sleep
The Oh in Ohio
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (okay, this one should be way higher)
The Illusionist

Also, I don't know the difference between Mark Ruffalo and Paul Rudd.