Salmon with a Blood Orange and Mango Glaze

I recently subscribed to the Urban Organic produce delivery service, which is not
quite as ridiculous as it sounds. It's not a bad deal if you have the interest and the means to spend $21 a week to have a large box of seasonal organic produce brought to your door. Instead of washing pesticides off your fruit, you get used to brushing bugs off, and you learn than fruit is fundamentally ugly.

This week's box wasn't too interesting, but there were blood oranges and a mango in the box last week. I made a sauce out of them and pan-fried some salmon fillets with it, and it came out well, but the recipe exotic enough that it's only practical when you're looking to impress people with the impracticality of the meal you just made.

3 or 4 salmon filets

2 small blood oranges, the bloodier the better

1 mango

salt ‘n’ peppa

Squeeze the blood oranges, and put the juice in a bowl of your choosing.

Cut the mango in half over the bowl to collect the ensuing mango juices, and then scrape the mango flesh out from the skin with a spoon, mash it up with your hands, and throw it all together in the juice bowl. Mix that all together.

Get a nice 12” saute pan and heat it up with a medium flame. Pour about half of the fruit mixture in the pan.

Let that simmer for a minute or two, and then add the salmon fillets, skin side up.

Let that all cook for a while. Maybe 7 minutes? Use your judgment. Basically, keep trying to peel away the skin from the
top of the fillets with a fork--when you’re able to peel it all away without ripping off chunks of fish with it, it's ready to be turned.

Before you turn it and after you've removed the skin, sprinkle on some salt or pepper or whatever else you deem prudent.

Turn the fish and sprinkle the other side with salt and pepper too.

Pour the rest of the fruit juice mixture over the fish, and keep it cooking for another 3 or 4 minutes.

The fruit juice is going to turn into a nice syrupy glaze throughout this whole mess. This is a good thing. If too much of the liquid evaporates it might start to burn, so add water to the pan during cooking if it's necessary.

Approx. cook time: 34 minutes.



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