Back in Black

(My second-favouritest banana, Dave Form-Bartel, has passed this along for blogification. It's enough to make me nostalgic for my publishing days, when I could just sit back and print other people's cleverness instead of having to devise cleverness of my own.)

You know that new Mercedes-Benz ad campaign? The one where they encourage you to tie a string around your finger, so you do not forget the Mercedes-Benz summer event. They have those ads on TV as the various people from the Hamptons crowd do Hamptons like activities (grilling on Sharper Image stainless steel BBQ, eating "reviewed by food network" gourmet ice cream on a cone, frolicking by themselves on dreary beach in J Crew clothing) with a string around their finger. Well the whole ad campaign seemed somewhat meaningless and ridiculous until I figure out what it was getting at.... THEIR TARGET MARKET ARE RICH PEOPLE, SO ATROCIOUSLY RICH THAT THEY MIGHT FORGET TO BUY A MERCEDES!!

Who has so much disposable income and time on the Hamptons that it would slip their mind to buy a Mercedes? "Uh honey, on your way home, if it is not too much trouble, can you pick up a Merceds-Benz CLK 55 AMG? I forget to pick one up yesterday, and the old one died last weekend."

If I ever bought a Mercedes, or a comparative costing non-German automobile ("Honey, could you remember to pick up the Cadillac XLR on the way home?") it would be one of 3 high points of my life. I would invite you all over for a party. I would give Michael Mirer a ceremonial role in a ceremony I would have. Their would be an outdoor BBQ... on junky grill as I could not afford a Sharper Image Stainless Steel one anymore, all my money going into the car.

It gets my nomination for the most insulting ads to people not benefiting from the new Bush Tax cut.


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