Her writhing ______, in the back of her head, made me _____

Whilst wheedling the Ticketmaster.com site for some concert tickets yesterday, I was presented with a few different screens in which one is instructed to read a word printed askew on a grid in a strange font, and type it in a little box. (This is actually a really neat technological solution to the problem of automated scripts repeatedly hammering Ticketmaster in order to get the best tickets available, since pattern recognition of obscured text is one of the few things that computers do poorly and humans do well.)

Anyway, I first had to type in "cream," followed by "spurt." The next word was "fornix," which I had never heard before, but it sounded dirty, too. I've concluded that in addition to being an evil monopoly, Ticketmaster is obviously into smut (c.f. the Christina Aguilera tour), forcing unsuspecting users to participate in some manner of pornographic Mad Libs experiment.

But I have R.E.M. tickets now, so I'm happy.


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