(At least) Three cheers for capitalism

I guess the preponderance of Halloween costumes, candy, etc. at the Super Stop & Shop (I think it's an &; I hope it's not an
'n') is to be expected. I mean, sure it's not 31 October right now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring? Never hurts to be prepared.

What got me though was that they were selling pre-fabricated jack-o-lanterns. As in, there were pumpkins with faces already painted on them, and they were for sale. At first I thought maybe it was just some no-good kids running around the store with markers, "tagging" (to use the vernacular) random produce. But the faces on the pumpkins were more elaborate (though slightly less grotesque) than your average graffito installation. So someone thought that there is a market for pret-a-effrayer pumpkins, which isn't the whole point of jack-o-lanterns that they're fun to make?


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