Baby cows & cheese

Here's the veal that I made tonight:

-4 or so veal cutlets (or thinnish pork cutlets would probably be good, too)

-juice of a lemon

-little bit of white wine

-minced garlic (use your garlic press, why don't you?)

-grated parmesean cheese, or romano cheese, or head cheese for all I care

-a sprikle's worth of bread crumbs

-some decent olive oil--don't ruin your dinner with crappy olive oil

Take the meat and dip it a bowl containing lemon juice, a bit of white wine, and minced garlic.

Put a bunch of the grated cheese (with some bread crumbs sprinkled in) on a plate, and dredge the meat in it. Really coat the meat thoroughly. Press the cheese in. That's good.

Heat up some of the olive oil in a pan with a medium flame. If you have an electric range, set it on fire, but a medium fire. When the oil's a decent temperature, lay the veal in the pan in a single layer. Allow it to sautee for a while. The goal is to get the veal's coating nice and browned. Once you're satisfied with the doneness on one side, flip all the veal to the other side. And then take it out when you're satisfied with that side.

There should be lots of good stuff left over in the pan--the olive oil along with some nicely browned cheese. Take that and add a little bit of either white wine or water to deglaze the pan, and take the resulting sauce and pour it over the veal.

It's delicious, unless you just totally screwed up the recipe, in which case you suck.


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