Never take a car in to Chinatown, by the way

Another Saturday of dim sum and the cinema, which isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday, but leads to concerns of the don't-blow-your-load-all-at-one-place (how's that for a mixed-up mixed metaphor?) variety, in that now what the hell am I going to do tomorrow?

Lost in Translation, highly recommended. Hilarious throughout though it's not a comedy. Also a bit sad, for anyone but for me in particular, as it reminded me of my time in London and how difficult it was to be away from everyone in my life. I did not have Scarlett Johansson there to keep me company. But Miranda and the blokes from work were admirable stand-ins.

The humour reminded me of The Office, which is a British show that I neglected to watch whilst in London, but
which I've caught on BBC America back home. I just saw an advert on BBC America during the airing of Coupling (the
British version, obviously, broadcast in preparation for the American Must See TV translation), announcing that the next
season of The Office will start on 1 October. I've got to remember to buy the DVD of the first series (season) when
it's released.


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