Upon descending to the subway platform

The possibilities:

1. There is a breeze due to

(a) your train pulling in

(b) your train leaving

(c) another's train pulling in

(d) another's train leaving

2. There is no breeze at all.

1.,(a) is a positive: your train is arriving, and you get cooled off as it happens

1.,(b) is a negative: you've only just missed your train, and the bitter wind hardly compensates for that

1.,(b) & 1.,(c) are both slight positives: you receive some breeze, but perhaps you've just missed a friend who got on the train traveling in the other direction, or perhaps you just encountered someone unpleasant who got off the arriving train

2. is problematic: when will the next train arrive? When did the last one depart? Will a train traveling in the other direction arrive next, bringing an appreciated breeze but an unpleasant acquaintance? It is the uncertainty that makes you uncomfortable more than the stiffling air.


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