"Stylistic Risks"

(Scott asked me to post this on my blog. I don't have any idea either. I made sure to remove all the double-spaces after sentences, though.)

Dear Jeff,

Please post the entire contents of this email's body in the Complaints Department of your blog, with the subject header as the header of the blog entry.

I am writing to complain about certain stylistic risks that have been taken, perhaps on Anna's recommendation, in emails written to me by certain individuals whom I consider close friends, and who are relatively high up in the managerial hierarchy of this blog. These individuals, following a second tip, offered by Yahoo and relayed at this fine Internet establishment by the establishment's fine patron, have been sending me email messages whose bodies are vacuous and whose entire(ly un)informative content is to be found within the messages' subject lines, which I find to be extremely irritating.

I request that you make my annoyance well known so that I will not have to face this again.

Thank you kindly.



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