Well, it is/was election day across the U.S.A., so that's something. Or not really, as the only thing that I thought sounded interesting on the N.Y.C. ballot, proposition 3, turned out to be some sort of scheme on Bloomberg's part to help the Independent party in return for their help in getting him elected. Or so the liberal media says, and I believe 'em.

What I thought the proposition was all about, and what I am convinced is the only way democracy has any shot (no hyperbole there, honest), is some sort of real election reform. As in an entirely different voting system that makes some sense from a game theoretical standpoint, and would perhaps both break the stranglehold that the major political parties have on this country, and allow people to truly express their opinions about whom they'd like to have as leaders--without having to perform a ridiculous calculus involving the electability of the candidates they'd like, the closeness of the race, etc. See Nader in 2000, or even Perot in 1992.

Anyway, I don't have the energy right now to go on about this, so here are some random Google links. Boom and boom (via the Cornell Sun, no less).


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