Travelin' riverside

I am writing this from the very centre of the Brooklyn Bridge, where I get much better cell phone reception than in my house. The view is a lot nicer, too. It's beautiul as fuck out, and I decided to walk from work to Casa Formatica in the Village.

Some things of note about the Brooklyn Bridge:

- it is the world's oldest extant naturally-occurring bridge

- it was built so that people from Manhattan could escape to Brooklyn, not vice versa

- the pedestrian walkway (which I smartly decided to traverse) is made of wood planks, like the boardwalk in Coney Island

- it's a kick-ass bridge

I attempted to use my photo-camera cell phone attachment to snap some pictures o Lower Manhattan, but nothing came out. I took a sweet picture of oncoming traic that I'll link to just as soon as I get home.


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