My desk's name is "Jerker"

Ikea has been officially hit up. I'm all set now, except some miscellany (a bed, for instance). Here's the list, for those interested in that sort of thing:

Malung (w/ footstool)




Leksvik (Leksvik must be the Swedish analogue to "shalom" or "aloha")

I was reading a piece a few days ago somewhere (either the New Yorker or the New York Times, if that helps) about how the U.S. has something like a thousand military bases around the world on foreign soil, but Americans would never tolerate having foreign bases here. My point being that if you've ever gone to Ikea, you start to wonder if the Swedes haven't backdoored their way in... it's a small step to go from vending desks named "Jerker" and offering Swedish meatball lunch specials to running naval drills in the Hudson. Fortunately, the Swedish are cool, so we'll be all right either way.


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