Then there's the other kind of publishing...

In case you happen to be a newspaper publisher, and someone asks you what the fuck that means, and then you tell them it's like being a movie producer, and then they tell you that's another job they have no fucking clue about, here's a good snippet about publishering from a Times article about a madam's black book. Except this dude is just an acting publisher, so remember, it's all pretend.

It seems fair to say that at least a few men in this city of 52,000 are nervous about what lies inside. Already, City Hall has been inundated with phone calls about the list, mainly from wives asking whether their husbands are on it, officials said. More than 100 copies of "the book" have been sold at $20 apiece to the curious and vindictive alike. The News-Post has assigned six people, including the publisher, to search the files for familiar names.

The acting publisher, Robin L. Quillon, said the paper did not intend to print the entire list of men who paid $250 an hour at Ms. Potter's. But Mr. Quillon said his paper was determined to find out whether there had indeed been a cover-up of official misconduct, or at least hanky-panky.

Tangentially, or not so tangentially, now that I have super-cable and imitation-TiVO, I can record things like old episodes of Bakersfield P.D. off of the Trio network, which was a wonderful comic cop show and featured an episode with a similar black book plot line.


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