BPD takeaways

If I remember correctly (which given the time and given the number of drinks I've had tonight is unlikely), my four takeaways from the Blue Pencil Dinner are thus:

Ross McSweeney is the nephew of Tim McSweeney, and Tim McSweeeney is the namesake behind McSweeney's, the publication. Because of this, Ross has met Dave Eggers. I'd make some attempt to verify this given that I have A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius in my bag right now, but as I don't know that I'm up to any actual reading at this point.

Ross McSweeney, who in addition to being a nephew also writes advertising copy for the Sci-Fi channel (amoung other more fortunate channels) is responsibke for the copy in the "Mad Mad House" (which is really missing a commna) ads. While those ads are not actually in my subway car right now, there was one on the phone booth right by the 96th St. station. The notable thing about the copy on that advert being an unnecessary comma in "People who live in completely different worlds, live in the same house." But we don't blame Ross for that.

Alice urging me to post my Best Man's speech from Petey and Banana's wedding. I'll post a comment with that as soon as I can find it.

Letting it be known that David Brooks thinks that girls become human only after their bar mitzvahs. I think that says something about girls or humans or David Brooks--your choice.


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