Quickie reviewie

Spartan, I went to see this evening. I foolishly promised both halves of my favourite married couple a movie review, so here it goes.

The viewing was almost notable by virtue of my being the only person in the theatre (111 person occupancy max., so they appeared to be 110 people shy of a sellout). This was a 9:50pm EST showing on a Wednesday night in Brooklyn Heights, and I don't think Spartan is the most highly anticipated film out there (though I obviously went out my way to see it), so that's not too surprising. But I didn't get to watch it completely alone, which would have been neat, as a dude wandered in 5 minutes into it, and then a couple came in 10 minutes into it--they asked me what movie it was, I said "Pardon?," they asked again and I said "Spartan" (italics mine), and they seemed satisfied and stayed. Meanwhile, there were two theatres (one 244 person occupancy max.) playing The Passion (of the Jesus!), and I'd imagine they were fairly full.

But anyway, to the movie. Spartan is a David Mamet film, and that's about all you need to know. If you liked Wag the Dog but didn't quite find it politically cynical enough, Spartan's for you.


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