Blue 9, I love you

Okay, so this is it: Blue 9 Burger, on 3rd Ave between 12th and 13th St. It's really, really close to In-N-Out. Very, very close. I walked by there very, very drunk the other night but it was still Passover, so no burgers with buns for Jeff'ys. Fortunately I was able to locate it again.

I went with Sarah and Ryan, and Ryan, through his intimate knowledge of all that is In-N-Out, confirmed that everything down to the
way the frenches are fried is similar. He didn't quite like the burgers as much as the real thing and I guess I have to agree with him, but a Blue 9 (read: double-double) really fucking hit the spot.

When the cashier asked me if I wanted onions and I said "both kinds" he kind of freaked out. Once I explained what I meant he had to press a ridiculous number of buttons on the register to signify my desire. Lord knows what would have happened if I asked for one animal style...


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