Coffee & Cigarettes & Chatter

I saw Coffee & Cigarettes last night. I knew it wasn't particularly well-reviewed (and it won't be here), but I was
kind of excited by the cast. And the director directed Ghost Dog, which I never actually saw but had come close to seeing at several points in my life, so this was atoning for that. Or something.

Coffee & Cigarettes isn't a movie; it's a bunch of 6-10 minute scenes with famous and not-so-famous people talking and sometimes not-talking (though usually talking), ostensibly linked together by certain thematic and visual elements (c.f. coffee and cigarettes). Now, maybe three of the dozen or so scenes were genuinely entertaining, but I'm not even going to mention which on the off chance that someone out there might be intrigued and see the movie just for them. Don't do that. Even your typical artsy Sunshine Cinema crowd was walking out of the theater bitching about the movie.

The only bright point was the air conditioning, which was in full effect. The other auditorium showing Coffee & Cigarettes was not air conditioned, it seems, and the people streaming out after that showing looked... well, not happy.

Going back on my promise not to mention anything good about the movie, Steve Coogan had a good scene (with Alfred Molina, who I guess is someone, though that someone might not actually be Steve Coogan's cousin). Steve Coogan's pretty big in Britain, and one of his series, I'm Alan Partridge, is brilliantly funny. Much in the same vein as The Office. I think it came first though. Maybe it will make it over here on BBC America.


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