I need some celebrity interviews

From a New York Times interview:

SENIOR Now that "Fawlty Towers" is back in our living rooms on BBC America, I'm curious: what do you think of that network's big hit, "The Office"?

CLEESE I think it's very, very good.

SENIOR Do you think an American adaptation could be successful?

CLEESE I doubt it. I've seen an enormous number of English shows adapted for America. They've three times tried to adapt "Fawlty Towers," and each time it was very poor. They always decided they needed to change it. The second time, they wrote the character of Basil Fawlty out of the series.

I'd have to agree with him about an American version of The Office. Oh, and there's a special Christmas Episode of The Office that was shown on the BBC but not included on the DVDs. It's floating around on the Internet though. I haven't watched it yet.

I feel very good about myself because my website is currently more entertaining that John Cleese's. We'll see how much longer that holds up.


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