Must see TV

I wrote this a long time ago for Specwords, but the Friends and Frasier finales brought it to mind--the title is
the best part. And I'd like to start writing about fatalism, which was one of my original intentions when I started this blog. So

Being a votary of fatalism, it was kind of cool to hear some mention of it on this Sunday's season premiere of Six Feet Under. As was asked, do you really think your consciousness affects sub-atomic particles?

This being HBO, maybe the theme will go somewhere this season, which I don't think would ever happen on current network TV. Friends would lose a lot of its popular appeal without the illusion of free will--it's depressing to think that all fate has in store for the bunch of 30 years olds is wasting their days at a coffee shop (doing so by choice is more palatable, somehow). And Fraiser recommending Stoicism as the answer to all his radio callers' problems wouldn't go over well, either.

Who knows if fatalism will one day make the segue from pay TV to the networks, and if it does, whether it can muster the popularity that obscenities and nudity have achieved? I guess it's not up for me to decide...


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