Cornering the flying rodent market

I don't know. I'm sitting in the subway (3 train, listening to A Ghost is Born; heading uptown to meet Ryan and Meitav and Scotter to go get tuxedos for YAW [Yet Another Wedding]) and there's an advert for the New Gillette M^3 Power razing implement. This is all I know about shaving: I do it twice a week (staying "rugged" most of the time), Adam does it every morning, and it leads to our sink getting hopelessly clogged.

In the advert the razor has these concentric circles of Power eminating from its shaft. I guess that differentiates it from the Mach3 and the Mach3 Turbo and whatever Schtik (sic, but who cares?) has and Apple's G5 cheese grater. This device allows one to shave via ecolocution. Instead of devloping technologies to allow bats to get a closer, smoother shave in the darkness of their cavern bathrooms, I wish these companies would devote some research money to unclogging my damn sink.


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