In which I am musical

I went down to Barnes & Noble during
lunch because there aren't any more
music stores in Brooklyn Heights (now
that the one on Montague St. closed),
looking for Wilco's A Ghost is
. They didn't have it. They did
have, in their discount aisle, a copy of
Winning Poker Advice. The picture
on the front cover was a closeup of someone holding a royal flush in spades. This is obviously good advices.

Adam ended up picking up the Wilco at Target in White Plains. I've been listening to the low-fi version they put on their official website for a while now, and it's wonderful. I think we're going to seriously have to reconsider the ever-important "Best Three Consecutive Albums in the Past 20 Years" question, with R.E.M. (Automatic for the People, Monster, New Adventures in Hi-fi) previously coming out on top, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Californication, By the Way) a likely challenger even if the next album that they release is rubbish (though less rubbish-y than One Hot Minute). I think Summer Teeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and now A Ghost is Born takes Wilco to the top of the list.


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