Jamba Juice (something told me they had a website) makes great fruit shakes and whatnots. I had some of them when I was out in Davis. They've come to the East Coast, if the 5 people dancing around Times Square in banana (not Banana) costumes and screaming out "Jamba Juice!" is any indication. Though really, seeing that sort of thing in Times Square could be an indication of any number of things.

What was interesting though was that they were dancing at the corner of Broadway and 50th, and right smack in the middle of their
banana dance circle was a huge canister marked "Nitrogen", with a rubber tubing leading from the canister to a manhole. Which, I'm
basically an idiot, but is that a good thing to be doing? Pumping nitrogen into the sewers? I was with Tommy and he suggested that
perhaps they were extracting nitrogen from the sewers, which they obviously weren't doing, but it would kind of make some sense if you're
not too particular about entropy. But in this blog, we obey the laws of thermodynamics.

Or perhaps the evil doers have infiltrated Jamba Juice. That would explain all the wheatgrass extracts.


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