I went running with Adam this past Tuesday, down the Promenade, and I think he did pretty well for himself, especially since he admits it was the first exercise he's had since senior year of college. I think he's prouder about the recent rim-job he performed, however. And yes, that's a technical term. No giggling.

Given the fact that the weather forecast for New York over the next week or two called for torrential downpouring of rain, with some let up in the middle of each night when no one could enjoy it, I thought I'd go to the gym in my office today and work out there. This is all part of my continuing campaign of self-aggrandizement -improvement. The 2am Blue 9 burgers I had with Scott last night also had something to do with it. But the gym doesn't open until 2pm on the weekends, I learned, and the weather is actually not bad at all, so I went on across the Brooklyn Bridge instead.

I can't figure out exactly how long the Promenade is and I really can't tell how long the Brooklyn Bridge is, even with MapQuest's help, but I ran the span of the bridge in 9 minutes. If the bridge is 3 miles that confirms my long-held suspicion of being the fastest human to ever (rapidly) walk the earth. But I had never even been able to make it across the bridge without taking a break, so I'm happy about that. I walked around Lower Manhattan a bit and then ran half of the way back (and walked the rest; I'm not blogging from the bridge, though I have done that before).

On the Brooklyn end of the bridge someone's spray painted "Osama Votes Kerry" in a couple of places, and on the Manhattan end there's a spay painted stop sign with "Bush" inside. Which just goes to show you... something.


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