Because I somehow feel compelled to write about wham I'm reading nowadays: I finished Paul Auster's New York Trilogy a few days ago. I started reading it last year after Boone mentioned it in a reading thingy she gave at Barnard, and I very much liked the first story, City of Glass. I.e. it was good. Then I never got into the second story, and picked up whatever I happened to pick up a year ago.

But I started reading the second story recently, and enjoyed it (though not as much as the first). It's set in Brooklyn Heights. I think Auster's from somewhere in Brooklyn, and still lives there. Not sure why I know that. And the third story was similarly enjoyable. I missed out by not reading them contiguously though. They're subtly (or not so subtly) intertwined. The third story had mention of the Templars, which was a kick after reading Foucault's Pendulum.

Now I'm reading Don DeLillo's Underworld. It is my massive summer reading. I loved White Noise when I read it a couple of years ago, but Scotter has had been scaring me off DeLillo for some reason. But the hundred or so pages of Underworld that I've read so far have been lovely.

I mixed in a little bit of David Ive's plays from the All in the Timing collection, as everyone who's been to my apartment lately (Ryan, who was in a performance at a Harvard summer program, that friend of Boone's, who quite randomly was in the same production with Ryan, and Amy) have all commented on how great the plays are. And they are.


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