Chili con Beane

I've made chili a couple of times this summer, and it's turned out well enough. Normally I make it with meat of some sort, but it's just as good veggie.

- one can pinto beans

- one can pink beans (if you feel like buying dried beans and soaking them instead of going canned, yeah, enjoy that)

- an onion

- a few cloves of garlic

- a hottish pepper of some sort. I've been using the long green hot italian peppers, but I'm sure there are more appropriate choices

- a few cans of crushed tomatoes

- maybe a couple of fresh tomatoes? That would be nice

- corn starch

- sour cream, hot sauce, and a decent cheddar (or even Pepper Jack, Ryan) for garnish

Dice the onions. Use a good knife to do this. Don't fuck around. Mince some of the garlic, and put some in a garlic press, which you have. Sauté the onions and garlic in a large stock pot-type pot with a neutral vegetable oil. Once they're nicely cooked, drain and rinse off the beans and add them in, along with the hot pepper. Let that cook for a few minutes. Then add the crushed tomatoes and the chopped fresh tomato if you'd like. Let that all cook for 20 minutes or so, stirring appropriately. If it's not thick enough, mix some corn starch in with some cold water, and slowly pour it into the chili, taking care to stir it in properly, judging all the while how thick it's getting. When you're satisfied, I'm satisfied, and I'd guess that it's ready to eat.

It goes great with hoops and oodlers of sour cream and cheese, and corn chips, and hot sauce, and just about anything else that tastes good.


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