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The Texas Rangers have the third-best record in the majors right now, and the second-best non-evil record (or first-best, depending on your views of the St. Louis Cardinals). They've somehow managed to allow less runs this season than the Yankees--despite legitimately having no pitching, unlike the Yankees, who have plenty of expensive pitching that sucks. They lead the majors in runs scored.

I'd argue that their infield of Teixeira/Soriano/Blalock/Young/Bajaras is the best in baseball right now, edging out Giambi/whomever Steinbrenner buys to play second/A-Rod/Jeter/Posada and Pujols/Womack (who, I suspect, is in the starting lineup just because the Cardinals' owner's kid has him on his fantasy team)/Rolen/Renteria/Mathaney. They've got 5 solid young outfielders, and I think Laynce Nix is going to be an all-star next year.

I'm writing all this so I have something good to link to when the Rangers collapse in September.


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