We've got pictures

I was right in that the pictures of the
firewerken aren't really anything, but still. Here's about the least inspiring burst, which for whatever reason is the one I decided to photograph. Here's the traffic on the BQE; it was hard to tell if the people attached to those cars were there intentionally, hoping to get stuck at a point on the road where they had a view (34 feet ahead they would have been wedged between buildings). You can kind of make out some of the people on the roofs of their cars. The second the show ended the honking began. And here are the dinosaur things that live year-round by the docks in Red Hook. Just for the sake of completeness.

I also discovered a few pictures from the Form-Bartels' sheva bracha that I'd never copied to the computer. Poland Spring vodka, for those not in the know, is about $7.99/liter and is truly what it means to be from Maine. Here's Sharon before and after, as well as Dave, who, in all fairness, has got many a year's worth of experience on Sharon.


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