Clear gold

As promised, the water situation: the water in West Monroe (and you'd guess Monroe too) is viscous. I'm sitting on top of one of the largest natural gas deposits in the nation, or so my Dad says, and the natural gas obviously has seeped into the water supply. Now, it's not Vaseline oozing from the faucets, but I spent more time in the shower trying to rinse the water off than I spent trying to rinse the soap off. I could only imagine that swishing some of the swill around in my mouth following toofbrushing is doing something for my oral hygiene; probably the same thing that gargling with gasoline would do.

Anyway, they've got a water cooler in the house and I'd think that they've heard of Brita out here (though there must be limits to even Brita). You've got to feel awful for families that can't afford either though. Well, I've got to feel awful at least.


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