Commerce report

Reporting from Monroe's main commerical drag, Louisville Ave, and the Pecanland mall on the state of non-Wal*Mart commercial enterprises in the Twin Cities (I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader) area:

Dining choices on Louisville Ave include Bubba Luigi's Semi-Fine Dining and the Riverside Coney Island. We passed up Bubba's (which seemed to be named aptly, and does not have a web site) and I was told that the Riverside Coney Island was "nasty"--I don't know where they got the "Coney Island" from, as they didn't sell any hot dogs according to the menu sprawled and scrawled out front. They were a biscuits and sauasage and crud house. "Riverside" referred to the nearby drainage ditch.

The Pecanland Mall is anchored by a McRae's, which just believe me on that. There's also a Dillard's and a Sears and a (big) JC Penny's. The Waldenbooks, which I went into more to kill time than due to a wavering dedication to Ada, didn't have any Mary Gordon books, which is what I always check for. They were offering 15% off the store's 20 best-sellers; Unfit for Command, by the Swift Boat Liars for Mendacity, was ranked number one. Jenna Jameson's How to Have Sex with Everybody in a Fashion Befitting a P*rn St*r! was number 15. Waldenbooks is, in general, shite.

We bought my mom a gift basket from Bed, Bath, & Bodyworks (and Beyond!). The shopgirl was comely; this is the redeeming feature of the South, the comeliness.


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