(Scotter and Rachel had a lovely wedding down in Pennsylvania this past Sunday. In keeping with tradition, here's my best man's speech, albeit a somewhat out of date, unedited edition. The joke at the top being that After Hours lost ouur tuxedos in a warehouse the day before the wedding, but after several hours did eventually find them.)

I'm happy to be here, and more than that, I'm so happy my tuxedo could be here as well.

I give these sorts of thing a lot, best man speeches, oddly enough. And while I'm not a professional conversationalist, I know there's a certain Form to the best man speech--open with a joke (check), tell some embarssing stories about the groom (which, believe me, I could), mention how much he lucked out to end up with the bride (which, by the way, he did), and then thank the families for hosting the event (which, absolutely, thank you).

But, and you'll have to pardon me for diverging from Form here, I thought I'd use my alotted two minutes to say this: I don't have any actual siblings myself, but I know what it means to have a brother for having known Scott. I've known it since I first walked into his room on Carman 11 at college and started playing video games, I've known it through the years of being Scott's roommate, and I still know what it means to have a brother in the years since graduation. And this obviously means a great deal to me. I hope I've done my part in return--he can be a bossy older brother sometimes, but it's worth it.

It's with great joy that I acquire a sister-in-law today, if only metaphorically. I've seen Scotter at his happiest with you, Rachel, and I look forward to seeing you two happy together for years to come.

I know I speak for everyone here when I thank the collected Fleischmans and Meltzers for making today's events possible. We wish the families, the bride, and the groom nothing but the best that life has to offer.


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