I really need a Weddings & Celebrations section

I went to Boris and Deniza's wedding at the Excelsior in Saddlebrook, NJ today. It's exit 157 on the Garden State Parkway in case you're planning an affair. Check for it opposite the Wal*Mart.

Out of the two weddings I've been to so far this year this one was, by far, the Russianiest. Scott and Rachel's wedding is next weekend though, so maybe they'll be able to top that. And then my cousin is getting married down in north-eastern Louisiana, which is practically a Soviet outpost. Ain't nothing like borscht and grits.

The old Russian lady who was emceeing the event came up to me and asked if I was the best man when it was time to give the speeches, which was kind of funny. I must exude something.


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