Why is my country going down the shitter? Fascism Edition

The F.B.I. is reportedly going around interrogating (erm, "questioning") anti-war activists in the hopes of sniffing out any troublemakers in advance of the upcoming R.N.C. Or for some other justification--I'm not really sure.

Here's a little thought exercise: What would be hearing from the National Rifle Association right now if the F.B.I. went around knocking on the doors of people who expressed an interest in buying guns? We live in a country where to own a (soon to be assault, maybe) rifle is to be patriotic and to be a peace protestor is to be a threat. Yes, the Second Ammendment is more than the First Ammendment, but only by One.

If you think that's all well and good, but you really need something extra to induce that satisfying full-blown rage, take a look at Bob Herbert's column.


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