Food Issue

Sure, it's not September 6th now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring? In the spirit of the Simpsons, here's TWitNY for the Food Issue:

The article on the Tax Code is, logically, the higlight of the Food Issue. It contains nothing new, really, but it's a good refresher up on how screwed up this nation will be if the far Right gets its way.

The Really Big Lunch piece was okay. I liked the article on Futurist food, and the Pasta Station thingy was very informative, both about pasta and about working in a restaurant. The ketchup article didn't mention my rare Not Green blend, but was otherwise interesting. The Fiction was by a Japanese author who was not Murakami, but who managed to write a story that was three quarters of a Murakami story, until it stopped being weird and sort of just ended pleasantly.

Uh, now to read this week's, before next week's comes tomorrow. This was a lot easier when I wasn't really busy.


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