Ill Illumination

I saw this Opion piece on the Times website this morning and started reading it, then was prepared to stop after the first page because I didn't really care for it. Then I saw that Jonathan Safran Foer wrote it (a day after they ran something by Larry David), so I figured I had to read the rest.

I've heard him read excerpts from his new novel and they were good (and about 9/11), but I think the whole lamenting-the-loss-of-a-mythical village-(borough)-thing was played out to the full extent in Everything is Illuminated. I'm not sure why we have to read more of it on the Opinion page of the Times.

Though the Larry David piece and now the J.S.F. piece does illuminate one aspect of the Times editorial policy: they'll run just about anything written by a Jew on Rosh Hashannah. Something to keep in mind for next year, I guess.


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