News about things that apparently aren't news

Just in case you're not following the latest scandal involving classified information leaked by the Pentagon (perhaps because no one on the networks deems it important enough to cover any more, or perhaps because you've confused it with the leakage scandals plaguing the office of the Vice President), here's a good summary as to where things currently stand, and the importance of this particular leak. The motivation behind leaking top-secret U.S. policy documents to Israel was apparently to give Israel an inside track towards understanding what options the U.S. was considering, at which point it would encourage the U.S. through traditional diplomatic channels to undertake the courses of action it found favourable. Like, uh, fomenting war in Iran, which would just be super at this point.

My favourite paragraph: The FBI probe is more than two years old. The lobby group said suggestions of disloyalty were refuted by the fact that, during that period, Bush addressed the group's annual policy conference and "scores" of executive branch and congressional officials had spoken "regularly and candidly with AIPAC officials."

The fact that Bush and many, many administration officials continued working closely with the group despite knowledge of the ongoing espionage investigation clearly demonstrates that the claims of espionage must be unfounded. Because could you even imagine this administration doing something so unethical?


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