Not for the squeamish

An update on the animal life in West Monroe, Louisiana? Okay, if you insist.

My relatives like Jack Ruslan Terriers, which are really fantastic dogs (if slightly radioactive), and my aunt had a bitch and one of her bitchettes. There's a not-terribly-big backyard on my aunt's house, with a fence arouund it and woods and a stream (read: drainage ditch) beyond the confines of the fence. Both dogs went out last night to run around a bit, and at around 9pm we heard quite a bit of barking. As Bush was just coming on television and my aunt's is one of the few Democratic households in Oauchita Parish, we figured the dogs were just voicing their disapproval of inept leadership. Sassy (the mother) kept barking though, and we eventually went to inestigate, and weren't able to locate Lulu (the daughter). Searches that night turned up nothing, and Sassy was plenty sad, barking and barking at the sliding door leading to the backyard once inside. When it was light out this morning, some of my relatives, who like hunt and track animals and stuff, went out and found a trail of some sort of prints and some fresh blood out in the woods. So something very large managed to jump the fence, grab a 12 pound dog, and take it back out. There is speculation of coyotes, or panthers, or maybe a bear. It's very sad whatever it is. The only consolation is that my cousin's dog just had pups and there's one left over for my aunt and grandmother that they could take now.

The only animal-related news, and this is big news down here, is that some guy's sister just turned him in to the police for having sex with a pig. Which, apparently it's okay to have sex with a lot of things down here, but pigs cross some sort of line. I'd give ya'll a link to the news story as I know you're dying to read it, but the type of newspapers that lead with a story about pig-lovin' don't tend to have web sites.

So that's West Monroe for you.


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