When a vast image out of John Mondi...

Riding home on the 4 train last night after YAPV at the Form's last night, I saw a new Poetry in Motion of W. B. Yeats's (Yeets? No, Ryan) The Second Coming (the first half at least). Which, this is a poem I like, having memorized it for whatever reason they make you memorize poems in high school (and subsequently helped my then-girlfriend memorize it in college for whatever reason they make you memorize poems in Ivy League English classes), but is it really the best poem to put up in New York subways? As if eschatology isn't on our minds enough whilst riding the subways these days?

Perhaps it was put up to appeal to naïve Evangelical Christians who slouched towards Gotham for the R.N.C. (look, honey, it's the End of Days!); in fact, given that only the first half was printed, it does kind of apply to the R.N.C.


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