The wonders of Unicode

I saw Garden State, which was funny and good-looking and only sparingly maudlin. Going into it I was under the impression that Zach Braff just decided to write, direct, and star in a movie so that he could make out with Natalie Portman (which, yes, that's a wonderful idea), but it's more than that.

Anyway, what got me more excited was the preview for I
♥ Huckabees
, by David O. Russell. I was going to say that I've liked all of his previous films, only remembering Flirting with Disaster and Three Kings, but then I IMDb-ed him and saw that he directed Spanking the Monkey as well, which I did not like. But that's still a good record. It's an existential comedy (so says the tagline), and apparently that is to say that Naomi Watts dances around in her underwear a lot. And that's why I got into philosophy.


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