I didn't watch the final debate last night, as I went to the Realm of the Forms to watch the Sox game. We did put the debate on in the picture-in-picture thing, which wasn't really good for following the action, but did lead to lovely (and dare I say meta-?) televsion when the debate would go split screen to show squirming and the ballgame would go splitscreen to show men on base. There would be four or five different images on the screen at once. I tried and failed to take a picture of this using my cell phone.

I TiVo-ed the debate and planned to watch it, but even I could take another 90 minutes of both men saying the same things they've said twice already. This was especially the case without having other people around to jointly mock Bush. I don't gather I missed much from what I read.

I am close to finishing the Political Issue of the New Yorker though, which has a lot of interested stuff in it. So maybe we'll get a TWitNY this week.


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